Toll free service gives you the option of receiving calls without the calling party being billed for it. Perfect solution for small businesses.

Low rate toll free numbers
Pay just 4.9 per minute for calls you receive on your personal or business toll-free number.

Flat rates 24/7/365
Enjoy the same low rates whether you are calling duing peak or off-peak hours. Low rates, everyday, not just certain days of the week.

Live customer service
If you experience any issues, or would like to comment on our service, our customer service team is available for you. No more talking to robots or leaving messages.

Comprehensive monthly billing
Receive monthly invoices detailed and specifically designed for your better understanding. No confusing codes or misleading descriptions.

Build customer sastisfaction
If you are the owner of a business, your customers will be happy to call you free of charge. And with rates this low, it will not cost you a fortune either.

Avoid collect calls
Collect calls can be extremely expensive. Having a personal toll-free number helps you avoid those high costs.