eDial service is the service that you can take with you on the road, anywhere you go. Enjoy low rates when calling from your cellular phone.

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Euro Connect, INC. is offering services to business and carrier customers. From enhanced 800 or local VoIP origination to domestic and international terminations, we can help your business succeed. in the competitive carrier market today.

To inquire about any of our services call:
(800) 396 6916

Enhanced IP origination.
800 and local VoIP origination at competitive pricing.
Domestic VoIP termination.
Terminations to US and Canada around 1 cent per minute.
A-Z International VoIP termination.
Competitive pricing for reliable routes to destinations around the world.

If you are interested in any of our carrier services please call:
(800) 396 6916

Small Business owners can increase their sales and spur their business growth by providing toll free numbers for their customers. Its the first step towards building goodwill and letting customers know they have somebody to count on. For just just 4.9 cents per minute you can give an identity to your business.

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eDirect 1+ Long Distance
Most reliable service for the lowest price on the market.
eDial Access Code
Call anywhere in the wworld from your cell phone for pennies per minute.
eTravel Calling Card
Take your service anywhere you need for the same low rates.
Toll-free Service
Toll-free numbers for personal use or business customers.
Homecall Service
Have your loved ones call you from overseas for pennies per minute.

Euro Connect cares about you.
If you have a service in mind that you would like us to offer, please contact us and tell us about it.

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