Homecall plan is currently available as a callback service from Romania. This service allow customers in the USA to receive calls from family and friends in Romania for a low per minute fee.

Callback service for your home or business.
Customers in Romania dial a toll-free number and do not incur any charges.

Flat rates 24/7/365
Enjoy the same low rates whether you are receiving calls during peak or off-peak hours. Low rates, everyday, not just certain days of the week.

Live customer service
If you experience any issues, or would like to comment on our service, our customer service team is available for you. No more talking to robots or leaving messages.

Comprehensive monthly billing
Receive monthly invoices detailed and specifically designed for your better understanding. No confusing codes or misleading descriptions.

Flexible follow-me feature.
The system can try to reach you at as many phone numbers as you wish. The follow-me feature calls all of your phone numbers one after another untill you or your voicemail answers.

Very low rate.
Callback calls are just 7.9/min.

High quality using fiber optic networks
Higest quality using the latest technology for our customers. We use over 30 carriers to provide for redundancy and quality guarantee.

No minimums
Our company has a No minimum policy. You can talk as little or as much as you like.