eDirect plan is traditional 1+ dialing long distance service for homes and businesses. e-Direct is a service that puts you in control of the long distance calls made from your home phone. You can use the service to call virtually anywhere in the world, for pennies per minute to most destinations. The service uses fully redundant networks using major carrier backbone to ensure quality of service.

1+ service from your home or business
Dial directly from your phone without using access codes. Just pick up the phone and dial the number.

Flat rates 24/7/365
Enjoy the same low rates whether you are calling duing peak or off-peak hours. Low rates, everyday, not just certain days of the week.

Live customer service
If you experience any issues, or would like to comment on our service, our customer service team is available for you. No more talking to robots or leaving messages.

Comprehensive monthly billing
Receive monthly invoices detailed and specifically designed for your better understanding. No confusing codes or misleading descriptions.

Low International rates
Enjoy the lowest rates available on the market. We constantly negotiate rates with our carriers in order to bring you the most savings.

Low state-to-state and Instate rates
State-to-State calls cost just 3.9 per minute and Instate rates can go as low as 3.5. The rates speak for themselves.

High quality using fiber optic networks
Higest quality using the latest technology for our customers. We use over 30 carriers to provide for redundancy and quality guarantee.

No minimums
Our company has a No minimum policy. You can talk as little or as much as you like.